indestructible dog bed, chew proof dog beds, tough dog beds

The Best Indestructible Beds For Your Dog

Indestructible Beds For Your Dog

indestructible dog bed, chew proof dog beds, tough dog beds

Most dogs are aggressive and release this aggression on virtually everything around them including their beds. A quick and simple way to ensure they don’t destroy their beds is by buying an indestructible dog bed for your paw friend at home. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to take care of your pet and in this case; your dog. Even if your dog is known to be destroying its own personal properties, you can’t put the blame on him but rather put in place safety measures that would discourage the continuous biting, pulling and tearing.

The fact that you’re on this page is a sign that you intend to make sure your dog’s bed is not destroyed by its owner.

Features of an indestructible dog bed you should look out for

Buying an indestructible dog bed doesn’t start and end with logging on your favorite pet site/store, select a bed and pay. There are things which a chew proof bed for dogs must possess to be worthy of your money and your dog sleeping on it. Some of these features would be outlined below:

  • Breathable foam material
  • Woven fabrics for toughness
  • Waterproof cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Reinforced seams on the mattress cover
  • Mattress cushion providing long-lasting orthopedic support
  • Fabric resistant to fleas, mites, dirt, odor and/or hair
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Usable indoors and outdoors to allow for versatility.
  • High quality materials.

When a dog bed is advertised as indestructible, it should meet the aforementioned criteria above, otherwise, it won’t fit it’s name.

High Quality Materials Used in Making Indestructible beds For Dogs

Because the materials used in making these beds are so important, it becomes imperative that you have an idea as dog owner, what type of material is used in making your pet’s indestructible bed.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Cordura
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Durable Vinyl specially one at a weight of 40oz.

When choosing the dog bed you want for your pet, the above materials and features should be what you should consider. Luckily for you, we have a collection of chew proof dog beds on this page that meets all of these requirements, that means you don’t need to go searching for those anymore as bulk of the work has been done for you.

How To Choose An Indestructible Bed

Choosing an indestructible tough bed that is chew-proof for your dog could be a pretty hard task to take on for many reasons, and that is why so many dog owners have resorted to using the web in search of guidelines highlighting the most important things to look out for in a tough chew-proof bed for their bed.  These features and characteristics would determine if the beds are actually chew-proof or just another pet bed marketed as a bad that could withstanding the chewing and biting from your dog. Let’s have a look at the requirements on how to choose an indestructible dog bed:

  • Durability

A section above I listed some of the most durable materials used in making tough dog beds. No matter what you’re looking for in a bed for your pet, if it isn’t going to last long for a while then there is no point spending your money on such an item. When those durable materials listed above are used in producing the bed having your dog in mind then it’s a guarantee that such a bed would last long. In a nutshell, the first thing to consider when choosing an indestructible bed is the durability of the bed.

  • Size

When you find a chew proof bed that meets all other important requirements is too small for your dog, then the aim of buying it has been defeated since your pet can’t lie on it. Just as we human most times crave for big beds because we know bigger is always better with beds, your pet would also love to sleep on a bigger that would afford him more comfort and ample space when having his night rest or anytime at all it he /she decides to sleep on it.

  • Price(value for money)

Let’s be frank some pet products are out rightly overpriced by manufacturers and sellers, it doesn’t make sense paying more than normal for a bed you know should cost far less than you’re being charged. In order to solve this problem of pet owners being over charged for pet products that we know the actual prices we try to feature products that are reasonably priced and offer you the best value for your money. These tough dog beds aren’t left out either as we have the beds that meet the high quality standard explained in the article at a price that won’t dig hole in your pocket.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions About Indestructible Dog Beds

Just as searching the web brought you here, there are many dog owners in search of the best indestructible dog beds for their pet. These dog owners ask different questions about dog beds and their resistance to destruction, we’ll try out best to answer all of their questions in the section below:

  • Is there an indestructible dog bed?

Yes, there are indestructible dog beds. They’re beds built to be durable and safe from your dog’s bites, pulls and tearing.

  • What is the best indestructible dog bed?

The best indestructible dog bed is one that meets the requirements mentioned in this article so far, the dog beds you see listed here all do and affordable for you.

  • How do I stop my dog from tearing up his bed?

You can stop your dog from tearing up his bed by getting him an indestructible bed as well as a suction cup dog toy(he would spend all his aggressive energy on this toy).

  • Why does my dog destroy his bed?

Most dogs are naturally aggressive and they take out this aggression on things around them such as their toys and their beds. Some times, they destroy these things while playing with them.

  • Why dogs chew their beds?

Dogs chew their beds when playing on it as well as when trying to release aggression built up in their body. Most dogs are naturally aggressive and they take out this aggression on things around them such as their toys and their beds. Some times, they destroy these things while playing with them

  • Is there a chew proof dog bed?

Yes, there are chew proof dog beds and they’re known as indestructible beds for dogs. All these beds you see in this article are chew proof and safe for your dog.


At this point buying a sturdy bed for your dog that won’t be destroyed by it’s owner or break down due to low quality and less durable material used in making them, is now as easy as ABC. Especially if this is your first time of buying such items for your pet. Even with the recommended bed which we have used and reviewed as well as asking pet owners who bought same, it’s certain your dog would get the maximum satisfaction from the money you spent.

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