Donut Dog Bed with Soft Plush Fabric


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Here you go with the best pet-friendly fur donut dog bed for large and small pets. This luxuriously soft-touch surface gives your dog an irresistible snuggling comfort.

  • Item Type: Pet Bed
  • Material: Plush, PP Cotton
  • Diameter XS: 40 cm / 15.75 inch
  • for Diameter S:50 cm / 19.69 inch
  • Diameter L: 60 cm / 23.62 inch
  • the Diameter XL: 70 cm / 27.56 inch
  • Diameter XXL: 100 cm / 39.37 inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bed
  • Pet-friendly Design: The bed is pet-friendly by design. The dog bed features a bolstered round donut shape in a malleable and cushy design. Hence, providing the ultimate cozy nesting haven for your dog/cat.
  • Sleep Surface: The interior surface is made of ultra-plush fur filled with PP cotton. This gives the much desired luxurious soft touch that is irresistible to your dog/cat for comfortable snuggling.
  • Product Variants: In stock are numerous color variations for you to choose from. Meanwhile, they are all available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.
  • Easy Care: The donut dog bed is totally machine washable for your convenience. However, you need to ensure it is completely dried before use to avoid matting. 
  • Customer Coverage: With this fuzzy orthopedic donut dog bed product, customers get a 90-day limited coverage against material defects. However, this is in full compliance with our Refund and Return Policy.
  •  Suitability: This product is suitable for pets of all sizes. However, it is not suitable for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behaviors.

Feel free to check out this thorough Dog Bed Guide for the many pet bed variations to adequately suit your pet needs.


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