Stainless Steel Bowl Double Design for Pets


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Here we give you the best quality durable stainless steel double bowl for dishing your pet meals. Meanwhile, this super design pet-friendly feeder allows for no spilling of your pet’s feed or skidding of the feeding bowls.

The Stainless Steel Double Bowl Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pc
  • Double Bowls: This pet feeding bowl comes with a double bowl design. Meanwhile, this double stainless steel bowls can serve for two pets at a go. Besides, it could be used to serve feed and drinking water simultaneously for your pet. This feeder design is best for dogs and cats of all size range.
  • Premium Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic: The pet feeder is made of high-quality stainless steel and ABS plastic. The health-friendly materials help give your pet the BEST feeding moments.
  • No-spill & Non-skid Construction: The ABS plastic helps keeping the bowls securely in place. Meanwhile, the bowls held tight allow for no-spill of feeds and the plastic tray avoids skidding of the bowls. Also, the whole design and aesthetics of the Stainless Steel Bowl help in keeping your pet feeding process clean, free from water splashes and feed clutters.
  • Reduced Neck Burden: The elevation of the bowls from the ground helps relieve the neck stresses of your pet while feeding. Meanwhile, without the need to bend or squat, your pet can comfortably eat and drink from bowls with so much ease. This pet-friendly bowls are perfect to make your pet feeding times funful without stress.
  • Easy to Wash: The stainless steel double bowls are readily removable. Hence, you can easily rinse and clean the bowls and the whole plastic frame work of this feeding system.


stainless steel double bowls for dogs and catsdouble steel bowls for pets


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