Chicken Toy for Dog with Funny Screams


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Here we present to you the best quality rubber squeeze Chicken Toy with hilarious screams for your Dog. Meanwhile, this super durable funny squeaky toy is sure to give your dog all the excitement and fun it can handle.

  • Item Type: Pet Toy
  • Material: Rubber
  • Height for S: 16.5 cm / 6.50 inch
  • for M: 28.5 cm / 11.22 inch
  • Height for L: 40 cm / 15.75 inch

The Chicken Toy for Dog Package Includes:

  • 1 x Toy
  • Funny Screaming & Squeaky Chicken Toy: This funny chicken toy will give you and your dog hours of wacky fun. Meanwhile, your dog is sure to have all the company it can handle playing with this toy and putting smiles on your face. The excitment up for grabs with this toy is beyond explaining. Besides, nothing better depicts the delightful shrieks you and your dog get from this silly designed toy.
  • Tension Relieving: The super-funny screams of this chicken squeeze toy is irresistable. Hence, when your pet is experiencing stress and anxiety, this squeaky toy comes handy. With this durable and lightweight funny screaming toy, there is so much stress relieving fun up for grabs for your dog.
  • Fondly & Funful Toy: Without doubt, your dog will become fond of this amazing shrilling chicken chew toy. Your dog will love this toy as it will keep him entertained for hours. Meanwhile, this fun toy is made from safe, health-friendly, hypoallergenic and sturdy plastic to last long irrespective of aggressive handling.
  • Exciting Gift: This is one of the exciting gift toys to get for your dog. Besides, this is a great way to prank your pet and to a great extent help improve the relationship with your dog. Meanwhile, this squeeze chicken toy will surely steal the show at every birthday party including your pet’s
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed: In compliance with our Refund/Return Policy, impressed with our rubber screaming chicken toy. We help our customers shop with confidence with our full refund policy. So go ahead, shop and start having fun with your pet with this wacky rubber chicken toy.


funny screaming chicken toy for dog

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