The Best Dog Beds – Buyer’s Guide

The best dog beds are the favorite resting surfaces for your dog. Your dog needs a bed that optimally addresses its sleeping needs and comfort. This consideration should be a priority when purchasing your fur companion a bed.

In this article, we will be delving into various needs and the use of the best dog beds to adequately serve your dog. Meanwhile, your dog’s bed should afford him the necessary support to make lying on the bed very comfortable while snuggling itself.

Such sleeping surfaces should satisfy the inborn resting instinct of your pet to the maximum.

Dogs require security to thrive. Your dog needs the best bed for anxiety to feel safe when going through stress or boredom. Internally your dog will yearn for a comfort zone to calm off anxiety and thrive through depressing times. Such cravings are true for all living things; humans and animals alike.

A safe lounging for easy sleeping and resting will help meet such needs in no small way. Certainly, you will earn your dog’s undying love, loyalty, and gratitude for the show of care.

The best dog bed for small or large dogs is one of the best gifts to make your dog feel loved and cherished as a member of the family. Here we offer you tips to make the right choice on your dog bed purchase.

Dog in Bed

dog bed that is indestructible

Your priority should be to look out for a bed that optimally addresses and satisfies your dog’s needs. With this in mind, you cannot go wrong with your choice of the best dog bed for your pet.

A dog bed should not only be chosen to match the decoration of your house but should satisfactorily address the needs of your dog. It should conveniently accommodate the shape and size of your pet. Besides, your dog needs to feel comfortable and secure laying on it.

Most dogs would rather sleep next to their owner to get a sleep snuggle. Meanwhile, this could mean uncomfortable sleeping for you as you may have to struggle for space to accommodate your dog. Hence, we recommend you use an elevated dog bed with stairs or support legs. This equals the height of your dog’s bed with yours to conveniently let your pet sleep right next to you.

As your dog gets bigger and older, it will need extra support for its weight for a comfortable sleep or rest.  Meanwhile, sleeping on cold hard floors is uncomfortable and poses health threats to your dog. Your dog can easily get scars and end up being sick. For a big and overweight dog already having issues with moving around this is a major threat to its health.  

Moreover, a low-quality bed could cause joint pains and allergies for your dog. Ensure to get a durable dog bed to support the comfortable resting for your dog. Meanwhile, this choice of the best dog bed is crucial for you to easily manage your dog with ailments like; Hip dysplasia, Arthritis, and other dog diseases.

Objectives of the Dog Beds

best dog bed memory foam bed for anxiety

The fill material for your dog bed should be resilient and easily compressible within the bed cover. To a great extent, this determines the size and shape of the dog bed and ensures it does not deform.

The satisfaction of your pet is the major aim of constructing the best dog beds. Meanwhile, your pet should be able to conveniently crawl into the bed space and freely lie down without hassle.

The objectives of using the dog bed include;

  • Comfortable sleep
  • Security

The support surface of your dog bed should have a familiar feeling for pets to feel comfortable and secured. Meanwhile storing clothing material and similar objects with a familiar smell on the bed help get your dog more relaxed.

Your dog will greatly appreciate a familiar hideout where it can feel secure. However, to really provide for security, you will need the appropriate size of your dog in the bed. To get this right, you will have to identify the breed of your dog and hence the size it will mature into in the nearest future.

The clarity of the bed size is important as it determines the size of the pouch. The size and opening of the pouch should resonate with the size of your dog to help it feel secure. This will facilitate entering into the pouch of the dog bed without any resistance. 

In some instances, the best dog beds for small dogs are portable and designed with handles. This allows for convenient adjustments and easy transformation into a means for transporting your dog.  

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Features of the Dog Beds

Over time, your dog bed absorbs its odors, oils, and body fluids. Also, it will accumulate dust, dirt, become infested with fleas and ticks, and likely be frequently subjected to rough treatment.

These exposures will unavoidably deteriorate the quality, effectiveness, and life span of your dog bed.

For these reasons, the features of your dog bed to ensure its longevity and effectiveness includes;

  • Base pad
  • Bolsters which includes back and side pads
  • Cover enveloping base
  • Adjustable straps

An improved dog bed is made of malleable fill materials comprising the base pad and bolsters. Meanwhile, the best dog bed with bolster includes back and side pads. The back pad of the bolster defines the exterior shape of your dog bed.

A rectangular dog bed has the middle resting pouch area surrounded on all three sides by the back pad and side pads. Meanwhile, the bed cover envelops the fill material to give a definite exterior shape of the bed.

However, we recommend that the cover for the dog bed is designed with zippers. This will allow easy opening and removal of the fill material for the periodic cleaning and washing of the bedding materials.

The dog bed memory foam fill materials should be soft and durable. Preferably, they are made of stain-resistant marine quality vinyl fabric that can be easily hosed off and quickly dried. This combination of the durable vinyl cover over the high-density foam makes the bed well rigged and comfortable for your dog.

The adjustable straps of the dog bed keep the cover securely in position and shape with the foam. Meanwhile, it ensures that the bed is easy to clean and move while maintaining a tidy look.

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Best Dog Bed for Tough Chewers

The best dog bed that are indestructible for chewers

It always turns out to be messy and expensive if your dog always chews and destroys its bed.

Because of this, you will need a durable dog bed for tough chewers that can withstand the destructive tendencies of your aggressive chewing dog. Considering the stress of having to change your dog bed within short intervals, these dog beds for chewers are your best bet.

Seeking the most durable dog bed for your power chewers is an investment in a better quality dog bed. This durable dog bed types could cost more but they are worth such pricey investments in the long run.

As soon as your dog identifies it is the only effort in futility chewing on a durable dog bed for chewers, it gives up. This durable dog bed type is also a good way to prevent your dog from chewing.

Meanwhile, your dog may chew for any of these reasons;

  • Anxious experiencing nervousness
  • Boredom
  • Teething for much younger dogs

For any of these reasons, you could easily discourage the chewing habit by meeting such needs by;

  • Making them feel secured
  • Engaging with interactive toys
  • Treating teething aches

Notwithstanding, some dogs are heavy chewers by nature. For this instance, there is no way around it but making their beds and the rest of their stuff chew proof.

Chew proofing your house by purchasing a chew-resistant bed is a step in the right direction to prevent your dog from making a mess of your household items.

Also, the best beds for tough chewers are indestructible with extra tough covers to discourage further chewing. Such beds are fashioned such that the zippers and seams are not exposed leaving nothing for your dog to chew on.

Have a look at our guide for buying the best indestructible bed for dogs.

Best Dog Beds for Small and Large Dogs

Best Dog Beds for Small and Large Dogs

Your large dog may still like to believe that it is still a lap dog. In such an instance, it could be frustrating to always struggle for space with it.

Every dog has its unique characteristics, with respect to how it lay down and sleeping postures. Meanwhile, you should make certain considerations for your dog, which includes;

  • Sprawler or a curler
  • Preferred sleeping spot
  • Size and age
  • Medical conditions like Arthritis

After having a couple of those sleepless nights where you struggle to share space with your dog you will agree it is about time to get its own bed space. These considerations will greatly aid your choice of the best dog beds for your puppies or large dogs.

Of course, you should get a bed size that will comfortably accommodate the size of your small or large dog. Such beds should also address their sleeping postures with adequate allowance for sleep movements.

For both small and large dogs with health conditions, you should consider the beds with Hi-tech materials. You should avoid dog beds that flatten easily as they easily cause sore spots on your dog. We recommend you get dog beds with resilient bases for your dog with such health challenges.  

For your large dog, we recommend you get a bed that provides enough space for sleep movement. This helps ease stretching and provides excellent support to manage joint problems. This is sure to save your aging dog from a lot of pain.

The bed should be placed in the favorite spot of your dog. However, if your dog likes to sleep in different spaces in the house an extra-large bed will be required.

Since such comfortable large dog beds are hard to get in the local pet stores, we recommend you check out our collection of the best dog beds for large and small dogs.

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Dog Beds for Older Dogs

comfortable dog bed for older dogs to sleep and rest

It only makes sense that the resting place fulfills the need of your older dog. The best older dog bed for older dogs should meet certain requirements;

  • Easy sanitation
  • Cost-effective 
  • Durable
  • Safe

The bed surface of contact with your old pet should be easily cleaned and sanitized. The bedding material should be affordable to aid replacements when soiled or damaged in the course of use.  

The beds should be durable, easy to wash, and able to withstand many washing cycles. An old dog with disabilities and illness is likely to defecate and urinate on its bed soiling the bedding materials. This is a need to use a cover that is waterproof and stain-resistant.  

Your old dog is likely to have difficulties with jumping. Hence, you should avoid elevated beds for easy access to the bed helping them feel safe and comfortable.

More so, the bedding materials should effectively protect them from the draft.

The bedding materials for old dogs should include;

  • Rubber matting and carpeting
  • Synthetic fleece to improve warmth and comfort

This helps with easy cleaning and replacements when the need arises. Meanwhile, you should monitor how your old dog uses the bed. This is for you to know if it is comfortable especially if it has the aforementioned special conditions.

However, the synthetic fleece bed lining for warmth and comfort should be used for dogs that do not chew.  They are suitable for puppies and other small dog breeds. Otherwise, the beds should be made of high-density polyethylene bed materials as they are durable, waterproof, easily sanitized, and very importantly warmer and more comfortable than other materials being used.

Meanwhile, a molded foam or soft bed type will be unsuitable as they are likely to chew on them. Besides such bed types can easily get soaked with water since they are positioned on the floor.

Best Dog Bed for Arthritis

Your dog with arthritis will require a bed to offer support and comfort and the regular dog bed will not be suitable for this. This support bed will help your pet easily pull through its health challenge and are worth the investment.

Here we will delve into information to aid your purchase of the best dog bed for arthritis.

The best bed for your dog with Arthritis should;

  • Provide necessary support without pressure
  • The bed material should be feasible for cleaning.
  • Be waterproof with stain-resistant covers

The best dog bed for your arthritic dog should have the necessary support for the whole body of your dog. When your sick dog lays on it, there should be no pressure from the bed on the affected parts of your dog. Meanwhile, the avoided pressures to the back reduce the aches and pains on your dog.

Meanwhile, an old dog with arthritis is likely to engage in accidents and frequently get the bed stained. Besides monitoring your dog’s movements, use a stain-resistant waterproof bed cover. We recommend the bed cover should be machine washable for easy washing.  Also, the dog bed as well should be water-resistant and easy to wash.

Also, the best dog bed for dogs with arthritis should be durable to withstand rough handling from large paw scratching and biting. 

Some of the best dog beds for arthritic dogs have provisions for easy adjustments and replacements to suit both winter and summer needs.

Best Dog Bed for Orthopedic:

the best orthopedic dog bed for dogs with arthritis

The best orthopedic dog bed should provide optimum comfort. They are virtually the best dog bed for dogs with arthritis. Meanwhile, they are easy to wash with designs that can be easily reversed.

However, their lightweight and affordability come with a disadvantage. For effectiveness, they are not made from the highest quality materials available. They are more for temporal usage and come without warranty.

The Best Cover for Dog Bed  

A removable cover for your dog bed saves you the expenses of continual replacement of the bed after your dog makes a mess of it. Besides, the best dog bed covers help your pet to continue enjoying the bed even on laundry days.

The cover for your dog bed should be;

  • Easily replaceable
  • The proper size of the bed
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Keep pet bed from deformation
  • Convenient washing
  • Non-kid bottom
  • Lightweight for easy storage

You should use a dog bed with a removable cover that is waterproof with a non-slip surface. Besides, the cover for your dog bed should have durable heavy-duty canvas materials of the right size to keep the dog bed from deformation.

For the best experience with a dog bed with a removable cover, use the best dog bed with premium solid memory foam.

The cover for your dog bed should be tough enough to withstand rough handling from your pet’s large claws. It should be durable and long-lasting in varying sizes to perfectly fit the size of your dog bed.

The best dog bed should have a cover replacement designed to be machine washable and dryer safe for convenient washing. Meanwhile, the design should have a strong zipper hidden from the reach of your dog with durable stitching to ensure they last long.

It is very important that the cover for your dog bed is pet-friendly and non-toxic for your dog. Meanwhile, do well to check if your pet is allergic to synthetic fabric materials.

For styling, the color of the dog bed cover should appropriately suit the personality of your dog. This will aid in a soft feel and more comfortable use.

It is usually worth it to get a waterproof removable dog bed cover that is both suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Can dog carry bed bug?

It is likely that your dog carries a bed bug, however, it is not always common. Ordinarily, bed bugs make their home in furniture, mattresses, and dog beds. They only come out to feed at night when the host is stationary – sleeping.

However, they can attach themselves to your dog when he is out, and comes into the house with it to infest your home.

Unlike fleas, ticks, and lice, bed bugs do not live on your dog’s body but can occasionally be attached to them.

  • Where to buy dog bed?

Here at Nurturing Pets, we offer our customers the best quality dog bed to perfectly match your pet needs. Our dog beds come in different sizes for optimum comfort for dogs of all sizes and ages.

We also offer different variations of the dog bed for a choice to suit your dog’s personality and match your decoration as well.

You are welcome to check out our category of dog beds and carriers.

  • Why my dog is digging bed?

Your dog may dig on its bed for any of the following 3 reasons;

  1. Natural instinct; It comes naturally to dog dig for a warmer and cooler space to rest.
  2. Territorial Behavior; Digging for dogs comes as a way to mark a position they consider their own. It leaves a familiar scent of their paw in the marked position to ward off other pets.
  3. Learned habit; This is for the fun of it. Your dog may have learned the act from another pet and mimic the same playful behavior to join in the fun.
  • Are dog beds machine washable?

This depends on the size of your dog’s bed. You can easily put a small or medium-sized bed in a machine to be washed. However, we recommend you take a large bed size to the Laundromat for washing.

  •  How often to wash dog bed?

 Your dog bed needs to be washed frequently. In a situation where your dog bed spends more time outside and sheds frequently, it is best to wash more frequently.


The major needs for the dog beds are for security and comfort.

Meanwhile, the best dog bed is crucial for your dog’s comfortable resting needs. Your dog needs such familiar resting surfaces to feel secure and as an escape from going through challenging periods. They help your dog relieve stress and boredom.

You want to ensure that the dog bed for your fur buddy is durable and of the appropriate size. This ensures total comfort and effectiveness of the bed for your small or large pet dog.

You should pay special attention to the dog bed for your old dog. Such a bed should permit easy access with the right durable bedding materials to comfortably meet the special needs of your old dog.

For your dog with arthritis and other age-related ailments, subscribe to the hi-tech dog bed types to help effectively see your dog through such challenging times of their lives.

Dogs are family, they bring us so much love and companionship and it is only on us to cater for their well being. The best dog beds are one the best gift for your dog to make it feel loved, secured and cherished.

Feel free to check Our Store for the best dog beds and other important pet accessories for your pet nurturing.

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