Pet Sweater for Warming Small&Medium Pets

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Here we introduce you to the best colorful quality cotton sweater for warming your pet. Meanwhile, this cozy and fashionable sweater comes in beautiful designs to comfortably warm your small/medium pet during the winter.

Size Info:

Size Length (cm / inch) Chest (cm / inch)
XS 17 / 6.69 29 / 11.42
S 21 / 8.27 33 / 12.99
M 26 / 10.24 38 / 14.96
L 31 / 12.2 43 / 16.93


The Pet Sweater Package Includes:

  •  1 x Pet Sweater
  • 5 Colors & 4 Sizes of Choice: We have in-stock 5 different colors in the various sizes range of the pet sweater. Meanwhile, the different sizes of the sweater is to ensure you get the right suit for for your small/medium sized pet. The 5 color variation is to help you make a better choice arrangement for your pet. We recommend you take the measurement of your pet body to make the right choic of size before placing an order.
  • Soft Surface & Touch: This pet sweater is made from soft warm cotton material. Meanwhile, this winter pet clothing is to maximum warmth and protection from the cold for your pet. This assists greatly with delivering a sense of comfort and mildness from such freezing cold. Besides, the cotton material helps a pet-friendly soft touch surface, elastic for easy wearing.
  • Stylish and Fashionable Appearance: These cozy pet winter outfits are designed in 5 vibrant colors for your pet. Meanwhile, the stylish appearance of this outfit hardly fades off after a long time of use and washing. Besides, they will perfectly suit your pet irrespective of its breed or color.
  • Warm Pullover: This winter outfit comes in a pullover design to protect your pet neck. Meanwhile, the elastic neck allows zero resistance while taking it off and easy putting on of this warmer cloth.
  • Suitable Pets: This pet sweatshirt with short sleeves will perfectly suit your small or medium dogs and cats. Without a doubt, this outfit will give your Pomeranian, shorthair cat, teddy dog, and the likes an attractive and cute look. Especially for occassions like; Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, and other celebrations.
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